Python Speech-to-Text with Punctuation and Formatting

May 27, 2023

To perform Speech-to-Text in Python, we can use the SpeechRecognition library, which provides an easy-to-use interface for working with various speech recognition APIs, including Google Web Speech API.

Installing the Required Libraries

Before we proceed, let's install the required libraries using pip:

bashCopy codepip install SpeechRecognition pip install punctuator

Step 1: Transcribing Speech to Text

The first step is to transcribe the speech into text using the SpeechRecognition library. We'll load an audio file and then use the library to convert it into text.

pythonCopy codeimport speech_recognition as sr def transcribe_audio(audio_file): recognizer = sr.Recognizer() # Load the audio file with sr.AudioFile(audio_file) as source: audio_data = recognizer.record(source) try: # Convert audio to text using Google Web Speech API transcribed_text = recognizer.recognize_google(audio_data) return transcribed_text except sr.UnknownValueError: print("Speech Recognition could not understand the audio.") return None except sr.RequestError as e: print(f"Could not request results from Speech Recognition service; {e}") return None # Replace 'path_to_your_audio_file.wav' with the actual audio file path audio_file_path = "path_to_your_audio_file.wav" transcribed_text = transcribe_audio(audio_file_path) if transcribed_text: print("Transcribed Text:") print(transcribed_text) else: print("Failed to transcribe audio.")

Step 2: Adding Punctuation and Formatting

After obtaining the transcribed text, we need to add punctuation and proper formatting to enhance readability. For this, we'll use the Punctuator library, which predicts punctuation marks and capitalization based on the context of the text.

pythonCopy codefrom punctuator import Punctuator def punctuate_text(text): punctuator = Punctuator('Models/punctuator.pcl') punctuated_text = punctuator.punctuate(text) return punctuated_text if transcribed_text: punctuated_text = punctuate_text(transcribed_text) print("\nPunctuated Text:") print(punctuated_text)


Implementing Python Speech-to-Text with punctuation and formatting opens up a wide range of possibilities for enriching the user experience in voice applications and transcriptions. By combining the power of the SpeechRecognition library for speech-to-text and the Punctuator library for adding punctuation and formatting, we can create more sophisticated and accurate transcriptions.

As technology advances, these capabilities will continue to improve, making voice interactions with machines even more natural and seamless. Whether it's for transcription services, voice assistants, or any other application involving speech, incorporating punctuation and formatting in speech-to-text is a valuable feature that enhances the overall user experience and comprehension.